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Abhinay Paladugu

  • Graduate Research Associate, Integrated Systems Engineering
  • 1971 Neil Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210-1210
  • 404)-642-7757


Bachelor of Technology | Indian Institute of Technology | 2014-2018

Master of Science | The Pennsylvania State University | 2018-2019

Abhinay is a Ph.D Candidate supervised by Dr. Martijn Ijstma. He joined the lab in 2021 and is currently helping on various lab projects while coming up with his primary problem statement. His research interests include anything that involves distributed work between teams. He applies computational methods in modeling, simulating, and evaluating these distributed teams.

His journey with cognitive engineering started while watching Aircraft investigation though at that time he had no idea what it was. He then went on to pursue an Internship with Dr. Amy R Pritchett which introduced him to the field of Cognitive engineering.

Apart from research and work in the lab, he likes cooking, playing tennis, and watching movies.

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