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Jacob Keller

  • Student Assistant 4, Integrated Systems Engineering
  • 1971 Neil Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210


B.S. Human Systems Integration, The Ohio State University, Expected 2021


Jacob is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Human Systems Integration. He began working for CSEL in Autumn 2018, and has greatly enjoyed the distinct challenges and perspectives found when working in highly complex and uncertain work domains.

Jacob's undergraduate degree is entirely unique, consisting of a highly interdisciplinary curriculum created with the support of faculty members in Integrated Systems Engineering and Psychology. It includes coursework in human-machine teaming, cognitive psychology, cognitive systems engineering, aviation human factors, and visual analytics.

In the lab, Jacob has primarily worked on projects in intelligence analysis, software resilience engineering, and healthcare. His work for intelligence analysis includes contributions to the design of decision support software systems for intelligence analysts, utilizing aspects of visual attention and cognitive psychology to combat data overload, as well as contributions to the design of a study surrounding analyst team performance with the introduction of a machine agent. His work in software resilience engineering under the SNAFUCatchers Consortium consisted of an exploration into the coordinative and collaborative nature of IT professionals performing anomaly response tasks which support critical digital infrastructure systems.

In the future, he hopes to contribute to the design of integrative decision support systems to empower practitioners in the context of manned space operations, supporting astronauts and other personnel as they perform work in an intrinsically hostile, complex, and risky work domain.

Jacob has also worked closely with the FAA to help create evaluation criteria for autonomous flight safety systems utilized in commercial space launches. His undergraduate research thesis consists of a critical analysis of these newly minted automated systems, providing a novel perspective outlining newfound weaknesses introduced by the automation of a complex and mission-critical task. 


You can find a more detailed account of Jacob's proficiencies and experience on his LinkedIn profile, or contact him via email.