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CSEL and ISE Courses

The Cognitive Systems Engineering faculty offer a variety of courses through the Department of Integrated Systems Engineering. ​

Cognitive Engineering Systems (ISE 3700)

Human-centered design of cognitive tools and work systems. Human-computer interaction; decision making; human error; computer-supported distributed work; design of decision support systems. 3 credit hours.

Fundamentals of Product Design Engineering (ISE 5682)

Lecture covering the fundamentals of the product design process, from concept creation to final implementation, including product architecture and design for manufacture and assembly. 3 credit hours.

Introduction to Cognitive Systems Engineering (ISE 5700)

Human-centered design of consumer products, web sites and complex sociotechnical systems. Topics include human-computer interaction and the design of decision support and distributed work systems. 3 credit hours.

Distributed and Cooperative Work (ISE 5705)

Provides key concepts for the design and assessment of computer supported collaborative and distributed work systems. 3 credit hours.

Behind Human Error: Safety and Complex Systems (ISE 5710)

Covers how complex systems fail and the human contribution to success and failure by studying actual disasters in diverse fields. Not open to students with credit for 875. 3 credit hours.

? Human Systems Integration (ISE 5720)

Concepts and methods for considering the human as part of the design and operation of any system, especially large scale systems and enterprises. 3 credit hours.

Human-Centered Automation (ISE 5740)

Provides key concepts to make autonomous systems, robots, and artificially intelligent systems team players with responsible people. 3 credit hours.

Visual Analytics and Sensemaking (ISE 5760)

Students learn about information visualization techniques that help people analyze massive amounts of digital data to combat overload and aid sensemaking with applications in retail and financial decision making, logistics, information systems, manufacturing, healthcare, energy and smart grids, cybersecurity and social networks. 3 credit hours.

Cognitive Systems Engineering: Design and Evaluation (ISE 5770)

Evaluation of product and system design to assess usefulness and usability; advanced design concepts for consumer products, web sites, educational tools and information retrieval systems. 3 credit hours.

Cognitive Systems Engineering: Advanced Topics (ISE 7770)


Cognitive Systems Engineering: Research Practicum (ISE 7710)

Systems Thinking in Engineering and Design (ISE 5820)

Concepts and heuristics in systems thinking and complex systems analysis and how these concepts apply to engineering and design projects. 3 credit hours.

Resilience Engineering (ISE 5870)

Provides a comprehensive treatment of Resilience Engineering tools to measure, manage, and design complex systems to be resilient in the face of surprising disrupting events. 3 credit hours.