Cognitive Systems Engineering Lab

Founded in 1982, CSEL is the oldest Cognitive Engineering university laboratory. We have developed knowledge, methods, and tools to guide the design of systems at the intersection of people, technology, and work in complex settings. CSEL's goal is to contribute to both science and engineering, respectively by focusing on models of human performance in the design and interaction with cognitive tools and by delving into the actual design and development of such tools.

As researchers and designers, we identify patterns and leverage new technologies to support dynamic decision making in the face of anomalies, uncertainty, stress, and even intentional deception by adversaries. Specifically, we are concerned with cognitive functions such as problem solving, decision making, attention, perception, and memory. Our technological innovations are multidisciplinary, incorporating data analytics, graphic design, human-centered design, and other fields into our own methods. When constantly evolving technological capabilities create possibilities, Cognitive Engineering transforms these putative benefits into effectivity. CSEL's integrative perspective on technology and cogntive science grounds technology in the complexities of real worlds of practice and realizes sustainable improvement in human performance.